Monday, 15 March 2010


Thanks to everyone for their lovely welcome back comments :) I'm very grateful to everyone!

I'm busily working on paintings, and i have to say that the lovely weather we have had lately has helped boost my spirits - Spring has a magical way of doing that!
Blogs i suppose are also about confessions, so i'll confess here that i was scared, scared that i wouldn't have the inspiration and energy to get back to my paintings...and it sort of showed in the first attempts i made, the colours were dark, the girls were sorrowful, something you will notice no doubt your self when i add the paintings to my shop. But slowely the joy is coming back into them, the playfullness that i embarassingly let myself forget about, and ofcourse, hope, hope that i'll be able to continue doing what i love most for a long while yet :)

much love,
a little less scared painter,
called Lily (Maya, Stavri....the list goes on, lol)


wallspank said...

Hi, can't wait to see your new work and I hope it offers you a great escape!

Celeste Goulding said...

Looking forward to seeing your new work, Maya :)

Karen Sanders said...

Yippie your back :)