Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I've been tagged...

...by the lovely and talented Michymoo :)

Here goes:
1> My real name is Stavri, but my friends call me Maya and my Etsy name is Lily...this can get a little confusing and can lead to long pauses when signing off emails (while wondering what my name is...)

2>I speak fluently greek and less fluently english and wish I could speak french...

3>I have an imaginary dog called Bob...He keeps me company till I adopt a real dog (who I plan to call Bob!)

4>I try and read as much as I can. Favourite authors include: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jorge Luis Borges, Alberto Manguel, Alessandro Barrico, Odysseas Elytis and one of my favourite poets Wistawa Szymborska.

5> I have a habit of starting conversations with anything - including animals, plants and other objects...i.e If say, I pass a tree or a cat I will say "hello" to them - thankfully my friends have got used to this and have stopped asking me who I am talking to!

I have tagged the following talented artists:

Friday, 22 June 2007

Conversations with Iqaaf: I dare you ...

Iqaaf: I don't understand this picture at all...

Lm: I know what you mean...

Iqaaf: What's it about?

Lm: Well...umm..it's suppose to be an invitation to play...sort of...

Iqaaf: Play what?

Lm: Nothing specifically...just to play in general...

Iqaaf: That's just silly - how are they suppose to play when they don't know what the game is...?

Lm: I sort of try and leave that to people's imagination...

Iqaaf: Ok. So... do you want to play a game?

Lm: I have to work, so I don't have much time...

Iqaaf: But you just invited people to play!

Lm: That was metaphorically speaking though....Which means I didn't actually invite them to play with me!!

Iqaaf: It's not fair!!

Lm: That's another illustration...we will chat about that another time- promise!

Iqaaf: Can I go play in the gardens now?

Lm: Off you go...Just try and not scare the albino crows much this time!
Iqaaf: hrmffff....

Iqaaf: Imaginary Question Asker Aged Five

Lm: LilyMoon

Friday, 8 June 2007

Chapter 2: Introducing the amazing Kite Flying Sisters

This highly talented act has been together since birth! Ruth and Matilda were both born in the air - on a air balloon flight to be precise, from Paris to New Zealand...

They have had many happy times together gliding gracefully over every continent not to mention they can tell the difference between a Cumulonimbus from a Cirrocumulus cloud with their eyes shut-but their true talent shines when the winds blow fierce and the hail resembles hard boiled eggs :They have a gift of sticking together through the bad times and being able to detect the rainbows in any kind of bad weather...!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Postal adventures

The ladies are excited about their journey tomorrow morning - they are off to far away lands - and will be seeing things I may never get to see in my lifetime!!
I am a bit jealous!
(Though I have to admit being 3d does have its advantages- sometimes!)

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Chapter 1 : Geraldine hates the world...

Indeed she does!
Since early this morning she has quarreled with her mother and her stepfather, her sister Miriam, her Egyptian cat Bastet, her geranium plant, the butler .... but worst of all with her fiancee Mr Daventry whom she hoped to marry later this Summer ...
She is contemplating leaving for good
- after all no one would miss her-
or would they?