Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I fell in love with Odysseas Elytis poems, from the first verse i ever read...and in my work i always aspire to capture some of its magic...a thing impossible I know.
I found a translation of The Monogram on the internet, and had to post a small part of it here...i hope you enjoy it

"Always you the little star and always I the dark boat
Always you the harbor and I the beacon on the right
The wet dockwall and the gleam on the oars
High in the house with the vine arbors
The bound-up rosebushes, the water that feels cold
Always you the stone statue and always I the lengthning shadow
The half-closed window shutter you, I the wind that opens it
Because I love you and I love you
Always you the coin and I the adoration that cashes it:

So much for the night, so much for the roar in wind
So much for the droplet in the air, so much for the quietude
Around the despotic sea
Arch of the sky with the stars
So much for your least breath

That I have nothing more
Amid the four walls, the ceiling, the floor
To cry out of you and so my own voice strikes me
To smell of you and so men turn wild
Because men can't endure the untried
The brought from elsewhere and it's early, hear me
It's too early yet in this world my love

To speak of you and me."



essa stessa said...

Hello Lily ,

just to say i 'm in love with your paintings ,they are amazing !
i wish you the best ...


Anonymous said...

i just adore your blog!

take care!


Michelle said...

This is so beautiful. Your paintings are gorgeous too. I love the first few lines the most.

Paperklip said...

Hi Lilymoon,
It is lovely to see that you are finding your way again. Your work is truly beautiful and inspiring. Wishing you light in your heart.
Melinda x

ariadne said...

I just got to know you from Poppytalk and thought of looking at your blog!How nice you like Elytis,so do I!
I love your work!