Friday, 13 June 2008

Oh poo....

I was re admitted to hospital on Sunday but thankfully I am back home now. I am typing this with difficulty as both my hands are bandaged because of injuries from iv treatment - thats the reason I can't reply to all your lovely emails of support and get well wishes: I was thinking of a way to communicate best and thought a blog post would be the best way :)
Thank you so much for your support, it has kept me sane and smiling :)

A big thank you to Fabbra and her wonderful little girl, who sent me the best kind of medicine ;)
Thank you to my illustrator friends who have been with me in spirit through all this, I love you guys :) (I'll try and be online more now, albeit silently, lol.)

I am still painting, in my head, and can't wait to put everything down on paper...

Take care everyone,
and be merry - life is beautiful!!
(also known as maya)

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natural attrill said...

Thinking of you Maya, and wishing you well.