Friday, 7 December 2007

Tis the season...

...for shopping on Etsy :)
Just thought I'd share some of my recent purchases ... can't wait for them to arrive!

This lovely print by ArtandGhosts:

....a gorgeous necklace from TillyBloom:

....and these pretty mittens from Nanichan:


natural attrill said...

Hi Maya,
Just had a look at the Tillybloom website, some really lovely pieces there! I love some of the little birds on her blog especially. I cant make out what they are made from, are they little drawings she has done and then laminated? are they very fragile?
Lovely hand warmers too!

arantxa said...

there are lovely.i`m sorry but I`m spanish and I don`t speak inglish...i like your drawing, I wont one, "dear mr rain pin, but i dont now how to obtain. I don´t have paypal.... how many is the transport?
my e-mail is:

arantxa said...

sorry I wont put two picture of your blogs in my blog.I can?

lilymoon said...

Hi Penny, lovely to see you here!! :)
The pendant is printed onto hard plastic, not laminated - I'm actually wearing it right now (it arrived today!) and it's lovely! :O)

Hi Arantxa you can visit my etsy store at and purchase the print from there if you like :)
You can pay through paypal even if you so not have a paypal account by using your credit card!
The total price for the print you mentioned including shipping is $18..
Hope this info helps!