Friday, 3 August 2007

Garden cubicles and Excuses-Excuses

Oh dear, I seem to not have blogged for a month!!!

My Excuses list:

1. The aviary keeper abducted and kept me hostage, till I painted enough gardens to make him happy

2. Bob, my imaginary dog, ate the keyboard

3. Iqaaf without telling me about it, decided to go on a world tour with the kite flying sisters and I had to chase him round the globe ...

4. I've been working long hours developing new work....

Can you tell I am not good at this excuses thing?


p.s. The photos are of the gardens I have been working on this week.


michelle said...

OH, I have just found you and you are just lovely! I found you on etsy and came to your blog and I just love it and your work!

Marisa said...

Hmmm, well they ALL sound like perfectly valid excuses (especially number 4). The gardens look beautiful!

lilymoon said...

You are both very lovely!!! - thank you for your lovely comments!! :)

Bob says hi too....he has a little stomache problem, poor thing, after eating the keyboard... ;o)

apol said...

Hi, Lilymoon! Like Michelle, I just found you on etsy and love your works. They look like what Kate Atkinson's stories would look like if they were prints :) I want the girl under the apple tree! Will you only be shipping after August 20?

lilymoon said...

Hello Apol :) Thank you for your kind words!!

I'll be shipping items until 9th of August and then I'll be closing the store until 20th. So everything that is bought from my store before August 9th will be shipped before I leave! :)
I hope this answers your question :) if not, please feel free to convo me on Etsy! :)

samantha said...

naughty Bob! love the to check out etsy quickly before the 9th.

Erica-Jane said...

Gush, wooooo, sawoooooon!
I love your new blog Maya!


Eric Orchard said...

Hi Lily Moon
I just found you through Julie Anne Aubry's site.I love you work!
Can I add a link from my blog?

lilymoon said...

Eric hello :) Just visited your blog, wow!! you have wonderful work! I'd be honoured to be added to your blog links! :)

:: juin lily :: said...

Hello lilymoon-
I found you on etsy and am in love with your drawings. They are so whimsical and story-telling, the exact kind of images that I can stare at and get lost in. I'm glad you have stories all around you <3, they make life a little more beautiful.