Thursday, 5 July 2007

About gardens, angry aviary keepers and mini escapes

I haven't been able to plant (illustrate) new Paper Gardens this week due to lack of time...I've been mostly working on other projects but am missing my Gardening a lot and hope to get back to it by the end of next week! The aviary keeper has been really grumpy about this - he is constantly demanding new cages for the birds - so I better go buy gouache in bulk, if I am going to make him smile again!

I am taking a little break this weekend, escaping from all that is life at the moment, and taking my sketchbook and my inks with me for company! :)
My mini escape will start tomorrow morning (Friday 6th July) and I'll be back on Monday 9th July! I won't be able to access a computer so unfortunately I won't be able to answer emails within this time frame!
Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend!